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PEM - Enable dashboard options


PEM - Enable dashboard options


I have installed EDB Postgres Adv. Server 9.6 on Windows 7 64-bit machine. I installed 'Postgres Enterprise Manager' v6.0 and exploring the options to monitor different server activities regarding performance. I've seen online that there are different kinds of dashboards displayed on PEM to check the server activities. So, I tried to check the dashboards under the menu 'Managerment > Dashboards' however all options (viz. Server Analysis, Memory Analysis etc.) are disabled.


I did a bit research and installed PEM server, client and enabled required services. I am unable to log-on to PEM server from PEM application due to missing SSL certificates. I continued research and enabled SSL on Postgres server using the certificates found in Postgres installation location "C:\Program Files\edb\as9.6\data". The certificates used are root.crt, root.crl, ca_certificate.crt & ca_key.key (as client certificate and key). 

Now the server is SSL enabled, however I'm still unable to log-on to PEM server.and I'm receiving following messages. 


Please help me and let me know where I am gone wrong.



EDB Team Member

Re: PEM - Enable dashboard options

Hi dspraveen,

It seems that you are trying to install Postgres Enterprise Manager 6.0 (PEM) on Windows 7 64-bit which is not supported. Could you please try installing it in the supported platforms and let us know if it works. Please refer to the below link for more information on supported platforms.
If you still face the same error please share the pem agent logs and apache logs.