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What is the EDB equivalent of DBA_TAB_PRIVS?

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What is the EDB equivalent of DBA_TAB_PRIVS?

What table would  I need to view to see what role has access to a database, schema and table? 


Re: What is the EDB equivalent of DBA_TAB_PRIVS?

Hi Mediis,


The Postgres-way to check database, schema, and table privileges is to use the ACL (Access Contro List) column of the system views pg_database (databases), pg_namespace (schemas), and pg_class (tables, indexes, etc.).  Therein you will find information about privileges granted to users in a codified format--a mapping can be found in the documentation.  For your reference, it's also below:


rolename=xxxx -- privileges granted to a role
        =xxxx -- privileges granted to PUBLIC

            r -- SELECT ("read")
            w -- UPDATE ("write")
            a -- INSERT ("append")
            d -- DELETE
            D -- TRUNCATE
            x -- REFERENCES
            t -- TRIGGER
            X -- EXECUTE
            U -- USAGE
            C -- CREATE
            c -- CONNECT
            T -- TEMPORARY
      arwdDxt -- ALL PRIVILEGES (for tables, varies for other objects)
            * -- grant option for preceding privilege

        /yyyy -- role that granted this privilege

You may also need to cross-reference with pg_user/pg_group.  Hope this helps!