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dbms_metadata & dbms_system compatibility in EDB

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dbms_metadata & dbms_system compatibility in EDB

Hi Team,

Our oracle application uses the packages dbms_metadata and dbms_system. Please let us know whether we have this package in the compatibility layer or work around



Balu s


Re: dbms_metadata & dbms_system compatibility in EDB

Hi Balu, 


These are oracle database specific packages. These are more of less related to the functioning of the oracle database. From what I was ableto understand dbms_metadata is about retrieving metadata and dbms_system is about setting environment varials or sql traces etc. Since the way Oracle and Postgres function from the backend is not similar so using the same pacakges wont be of any use. 


In order to guide you further on this, it would help if you could explain what you achieve using these packages and we can share the equivalent ways to achieve the same in Postgres or EDB Postgres.


Cheers, Amit