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Upcoming Events!

Community Manager

Upcoming Events!


PGConf.Siberia 2017

Date: September 23-24, 2017

Location:  Academpark, Nikolaeva 12, Novosibirsk, Russia

Info: PGConf. Siberia held within the framework of DevFest Siberia 2017, on the Akademgorodok site, is a conference for developers and users of DBMS PostgreSQL PGConf. Sibir.

DevFest is a series of IT conferences for developers, conducted around the world by the Google Developer Groups community.  More than 500 developers from across Siberia are waiting for presentations by leading experts on Mobile, Frontend, Backend development, Machine Learning and Data Science, DevOps, QA, Startups, and Management.

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PGDay.IT 2017

Date:  October 13, 2017

Location:  Fondazione Stelline  - Milan, Italy

Info: PGDay.IT is the Italian event dedicated to PostgreSQL, one of the most successful open-source projects. The first PGDay.IT took place on July 7, 2007, and since then the event has had an annual cadence. This is the eleventh edition.

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PGConf.EU 2017

Date:  October 24 - 27, 2017

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Info: This year's conference is the 9th annual PostgreSQL Conference Europe, held on October 24-27 in Warsaw, Poland, at the Marriott Warsaw Hotel. The conference, the largest PostgreSQL conference in Europe, is organized by PostgreSQL Europe, with participation from most of the PostgreSQL user groups around Europe, and is intended to be an important meeting and cooperation point for users both in and out of Europe.

PGConf.EU is a unique chance for European PostgreSQL users and developers to catch up, learn, build relationships, get to know each other and consolidate a real network of professionals that use and work with PostgreSQL.

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PGConf US Local: Seattle 2017

Date: November 13-14, 2017

Location: Seattle, WA - United States

Info:  Join the Postgres Community in Seattle!

PGConf US in conjunction with the Seattle PostgreSQL User Group presents two days of educational content and networking November 13 - November 14, 2017, at the Seattle Sheraton. The first day features training workshops presented by local and global Postgres experts, with the second and main conference day comprised of breakout sessions on various Postgres related topics and use cases.

PGConf Local: Seattle 2017 is part of a non-profit conference series with a focus on growing the PostgreSQL community through increased awareness and education in PostgreSQL.

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Australia PGDay 2017

Date:  November 17, 2017

Location:  Melbourne, Australia

InfoThis is the second Australian PGDay after the first in 2013. PGDay Oz 2017 is a one day conference and networking event, to be held at Rydges Melbourne 186 Exhibition Street,

bringing together speakers from across the community to share the latest about Postgres news and updates. The complete schedule is work in progress and will be published shortly. We would like to establish an annual PostgreSQL conference in the region and create a network of the local user groups. We hope you are excited and ready to give a contribution to the PGDay this year, be part of the organization and help us grow the Australian community. Volunteers are welcome!

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PGConf Local: Austin 2017

Date:  December 4-5, 2017

Location:  Austin, TX, United States

Info:  The inaugural PGConf US Local: Austin Conference (PGConf Austin) will be held December 4 - 5, 2017, at the Norris Conference Center located in northwest Austin.

PGConf Austin 2017 is a 2-day, multi track conference and is a perfect opportunity for users, developers, business analysts and enthusiasts from the Southwest to amplify Postgres and participate with the Postgres community.

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PGConf ASIA 2017

Date:  December 4-6, 2017

Location:  Akihabara Convention Hall, Tokyo, Japan 

Info: Join other Postgres enthusiasts at the PGConf.ASIA 2017, an international conference for PostgreSQL and one of the largest PostgreSQL conference held in Asia.

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PgConf.Russia 2018

Date: March 14-16, 2018

Location: Moscow, Russia

Info: PgConf.Russia 2018 is the Russian international PostgreSQL bilingual conference, one of the largest in the world. Foreign guests will have a simultaneous translation of Russian talks. The conference will offer one day of tutorials and two days of talks in three parallel sessions. (Venue TBD)

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